Our Chilean Collection


Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

This excellently blended cabernet sauvignon is rich with intense aromas of black currant, chocolate and vanilla combined with lovely ripe tannins.


Limited Edition 2011

Intense and deep red color with an agreeable mixture of spices and mature berries.  It’s stored in barrels which gives its palate a soft base which elegantly compliments its fruit.  It maintains a good volume and is well balanced with attractive aromas and a persistent, vibrant aftertaste.

Gran Reserva


Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva

Well structured on the palate, with concentrated flavors of red fruit and sweet tannins.  Tremendous concentration of flavor as well as a broad aromatic profile.


Syrah Gran Reserva

One of the world’s most diverse and successful grape varieties, Syrah wines display variating rich dark fruit flavors.  Don Tony Perez Gran Reserva 2014 Syrah holds a dense, blackberry, bilberry and pine scented bouquet.  The palate is medium bodied with firm, ripe grippy tannins.


Petit Verdot Gran Reserva

This wine exudes an abundance of color and flavor. Its complex floral aroma with a lot of strength and character. Aroma of ripe red fruit and dried cherry. Good smooth and silky finish. Notes of oak elegantly compliment a varietal of fruit aromas. Long and vibrant aftertaste.



Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2014

Deep ruby red color and bright garnet tones. A varietal and perfumed nose with notes of red fruits accompanied by delicate toasted notes. On the palate in a wine with soft tannins and round, full-bodied and very fruity. Enduring aftertaste accompanied by aromas of vanilla toast and provided for their stay in oak barrels.


White Wine Blend

In the search to define the quality of our white wines Bodegas Perez produced Gran Reserva which represents the qualities of a good young vertical wine with intense fruit, a gentle medium body and balance.