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Don Tony Perez 2021 Gran Reserva Petit Verdot

Gran Reserva Petit Verdot

This is an intense and deep bluish wine. Its complex and strong floral aroma is complemented with the barrel’s evolution. It is broad and powerful on the palate, which reinforces its chocolate and vanilla flavored character, but with fruity ripe black cherry notes. This wine is serious, elegant, and very persistent.



  • Harvest Date

    Late April

  • Alcohol


Sip & Savor Food Pairings

Petit Verdot is a hardy grape with a lot of tannins. It's a natural fit for rich meat dishes, grilled steak, spicy pork, veal, lamb, and all types of game and sausage. Spicy foods pair well with Petit Verdot and it is perfect for a myriad of different hard and semisoft cheeses.
steak and vegetables